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net, and you will get all the relevant details pertaining to your shipping after completing setup How to track your shipment with DHL Knowing the status of your shipment is relatively easy
Freight transportation — DHL delivers freight of any kind to any place via sea, air, road or rail Disclaimer: All the carriers, services and trademarks listed are the sole property of their respective owners

This ensures prompt delivery of goods and services by businesses to their customers.

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Should you have any questions for any of the individual couriers you are asked to contact them direct
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Warehousing and distribution — They also have robust warehousing solutions for businesses in need of dedicated or shared warehousing services
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DHL Global Mail — DHL offers international postal services where they specialize in the delivery of international business mails, direct marketing, B2C parcels and hybrid as well as fully digital services
You can also view some of the bigger names below Many of the additional carriers you are probably familiar with - and some you may not recognize
Due to the current ownership, the company is headquartered in Bonn, Germany and it has a total of 275,000 employees worldwide For the entire list of carriers check out our carriers page

If you are not at home, you can adjust the delivery date or place to your needs with the.

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net also supports over a hundred additional regional and international carriers
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All you need is the tracking number, plug it into RapidTrack
طريقة تتبع الشحنة في DHL
Those with less urgent enquiries or comments can simply contact them on their website
The company was founded in 1969 but the Deutsche giant began to purchase its share in 1998 and ended up buying it completely in 2002 RapidTrack
After following the simple setup process you will be able to quickly search packages from over a hundred carriers - both regional and international It also entails shipping and tracking solutions that are tailor made to suite individuals and companies across multiple industries

You will also receive all important detailed information about your parcel in the next step.

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They include airport to airport deliveries, door to door deliveries, airport to door and door to airport deliveries
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However, if it's a valid DHL number our system can track it! net is not affiliated with any of the couriers listed above - but is a service to track their packages