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Seek support from a friend: Another way to try to get your Facebook account back is through a friend Recovery codes Logout Facebook Account Remember if it is not your PC, you must logout
On Mobile Devices If you want to log in or sign in to your Facebook account using your mobile device be it Android, iPhone, or iPad, you can do it either on a mobile browser or using the Facebook app A spelling mistake or typing error will mean that the system fails to recognize you

A Facebook account comes really handy when you need to sign up on other social media platforms or websites.

Tip: It's a good idea to connect your Facebook account with both an email address and a phone number
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Facebook Login
To do this, go to the corresponding app store App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android phones , search for the Facebook application in the relevant stores and download it
Facebook encourages users to use a personal email address whenever possible Solution: If you do forget your email address or password, then help is at hand
This allows you to skip sharing altogether should you wish but there is also an option to choose the audience you share to, whether it be to Friends, Only Me or a custom audience This will setup your Facebook application for Shopify

Second, click on the tab shown in the upper right part of the window.

On the off-chance if your operator is not in the list you can request facebook
The hotspot gateway keeps 30 days of logs so reports should be downloaded periodically
What does it mean to ‘Sign in using Facebook’?
Solution: Retype this information to check whether the problem is due to the wrong information or something else