Mumaris plus registration. How to Register with Mumaris System Online

I already had the technician so I dont need the specialist exam Before we start let me explain you who will be eligible to proceed through this pathway
6:Complete your profile now Enter your iqama number as well as date of birth here How can I apply for a duplicate certificate because now I am doing uk processing

Saudi Arabia is our most popular location with Aussies and Kiwi nurses travelling there for work every month! Mumaris plus is a unified service portal for all practitioners inside Saudi Arabia.

All the health practitioners need to pass the exam and clear the final registration procedures immediately after the expiration of their temporary registration
You will get information on how to proceed with data flow, create a new account in mumaris plus, issue of eligibility number, fee for prometric examination etc
Nursing Overview Saudi Arabia
Who is eligible for temporary registration? Can you please guide how do i renew my card? You need to go through re-registration pathway
you will receive a link in the email Then you need to clear Saudi Prometric Examination For Nurses SNLE under Saudi Commission for health specialities
It is a much-upgraded system that of Mumaris system Step — 10: Once your application gets approved status, you can download your new Saudi council registration certificate through my certificates

Most nurses have it done within an hour.

SCFHS Registration & Classification STEP BY STEP EXPLAINED
Nursing Overview Saudi Arabia
Condition — 3: You Professional classification card should be active
Nursing Overview Saudi Arabia
Who needs to create a Mumaris Plus account? Step — 5: Enter detail and upload the documents