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At night, the video picture from the LANTIRN can be projected on the HUD , producing an infrared image of the ground After Desert Fox, Iraq frequently violated the no-fly zones, thus F-15Es conducted several pre-planned retaliatory strikes; in ONW alone, weapons were expended on at least 105 days
Unlike conventional drop tanks, CFTs cannot be jettisoned, thus increased range is a trade-off for increased drag and weight compared to a "clean" configuration Swapping F-15s for F-16s means a capability deficit in almost every regard

The USAF was initially expected to procure 400 aircraft, a figure later revised to 392.

McDonnell Douglas F
On 25 April 2008, a second batch of 21 F-15Ks were ordered, worth 2
Boeing lands the first order of the F
Early strikes were aimed at air defense sites, Army HQs, military airports, ballistic missiles depots, and launchers
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The radar allows crews to detect ground targets from longer ranges; one feature is that, after a sweep of a target area, the crew may freeze the air-to-ground map then switch to air-to-air mode to scan for aerial threats
An array of avionics and electronics systems gives the F-15E the capability to fight at low altitude, day or night and in all weather This includes weapons , , and even HARM
On 12 May 1994, the US Government authorized the purchase of up to 25 F-15Is by Israel Between 24 and 26 January 1999, F-15Es expended several and GBU-12s against SAM sites near , northern Iraq

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On 22 June 2021, Boeing announced that it will integrate an Elbit Systems anti-jamming systems into F-15QA, the anti-jamming systems allow F-15QA to fly into heavy electromagnetic interference environment uninterrupted
Boeing lands the first order of the F
The program was later renamed the Dual-Role Fighter DRF competition
McDonnell Douglas F
The demonstrator was displayed at the 1980
Air Force while preserving the Air Superiority and Homeland Defense missions As they were not allowed to open fire, the F-15Es instead conducted several high speed passes as close as possible to the Iraqi helicopters to create severe wake-turbulence, while aiming lasers at the helicopter's cockpits to attempt to blind their crews; this caused the crash of one Hind
We are talking crazy weapons hauling capabilities here The single-engined F-16XL was a promising design, which with its radically redesigned , greatly boosted performance; if selected, the single- and two-seat versions were to be designated F-16E and F-16F, respectively

F-15Es met little resistance during initial missions.

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F-15S The F-15S is a variant of the F-15E supplied to the Royal Saudi Air Force RSAF in the 1990s
On 7 April 2003, an F-15E, crewed by Captain Eric Das and Major William Watkins, performed a key interdiction mission in support of special forces; it was likely shot down by AAA fire while bombing targets around
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Missions aimed at killing Iraqi President were undertaken by F-15Es, bombing several suspected locations