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One big trade-off between the films is that in the original Unfriended, we were actively rooting for the deaths of the unlikable and cruel characters at the hand of a murderous ghost who was understandably bitter about being bullied to death The first film was a simple ghost story with a revenge plot, an old story maximized for the digital age, with a message against bullying
Writer-director 's sequel to 2014 desktop thriller Unfriended stays true to the genre Matias is working with a for his deaf girlfriend, Amaya

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Another woman is in a pit, about to be covered by toxic chemicals
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It was then revealed in July 2018 that the film would be sent to theaters with the two different endings, which would be played at random, similar to 1985's , which had multiple endings
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While we do tread some predictable territory here, because you know walking into a horror film that there will be a pile of bodies by the end, there is an element of 'whodunit' while we the audience try to guess the identity of the killer s , and if any of the victims will live to tell the tale Admittedly, the film is an improvement on its supernatural predecessor, as there are few things as scary as the sheer brutality which human beings are capable of
Host is really well-done and also easy to relate to as many have been video-chatting with their friends and family more and more in recent years If this is true, this would not only make the Circle the true of Unfriended, but the overarching antagonistic faction of the franchise as a whole

This backfires spectacularly when the criminal organization discovers that Matias is not the human trafficker he was posing as during these events.

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However, the director has stated that there is only one ending, and that the rumor came from re-editing the film after various test screenings
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Matias then goes on his bike to go to Amaya's house and Damon tried to copy everything on the laptop, then he uses this to try and track the laptop and turn the information over to the authorities in an attempt to bring down the Circle
Despite some unrealistic moments, the story is intricately written, with unpredictable twists A Charon presents Serena with video feeds of Nari waiting for a subway train and Serena's mother in her hospital bed
When she can't make the decision, the Circle kills all three Additionally hacking AJ's computer speakers to simulate a shotgun pump, Charon 1 tricks responding officers into breaking down AJ's door and violently shooting him to death

" When he attempts to video chat, the Circle pixelates his mouth so Amaya cannot read his lips.

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Ostensibly normal twentysomething Matias Colin Woodell acquires a new Macbook in order to work on a software project for his deaf girlfriend Amaya Stephanie Nogueras
Unfriended: Dark Web Movie Review
Matias participates in a webcam game night with his friends Damon Horton, Alister "AJ" Jeffcock, Lexx Putri, Serena Lange, and Serena's girlfriend Nari Jemisin, all of whom are in different locations
When hit theaters in 2015, some horror fans might have been skeptical about whether an entire story could be told via a computer screen