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Retrieved 21 March 2021 For much of 2015, graduate students at took part in the RT Watch project, monitoring RT's US output
RT wears its heart on its sleeve, so to speak, which is a nice change from the farcical attempts at objectivity made by other news outlets Retrieved 11 March 2021


RT (TV network)
Douglas Lucas in wrote that the RT deal "may just be a profitable way for him to get a gigantic retweet"
Freed wrote in the avant-garde culture magazine SOMA that "The Alyona Show does political talk with razor-sharp wit
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Поэтому Министерство обороны сейчас ни с кем не воюет, но готово к обороне She wrote that in attempting to offer "an alternate point of view, it is forced to talk to marginal, offensive, and often irrelevant figures"
In Russia, , former advisor to Vladimir Putin, has called the channel "the best Russian propaganda machine targeted at the outside world" Retrieved 19 February 2019


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On 5 November, RT broadcast the two candidates that were voted winners of that debate, candidate Governor and candidate , from RT's studio
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Second, to encourage conspiracy theories about media institutions in the West in order to discredit and delegitimize them
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RT is the parent company of the video agency, which owns the Redfish video channel and the digital media company
For instance, the content originally posted on RT will be reposted down a chain of websites until it appears to be an organic article on an American outlet Nimmo, 2017 McFaul then accepted an interview by Sophie Shevardnadze on RT on this and other issues and reasserted that the wanted a with Russia
Retrieved 11 March 2021 Retrieved 12 June 2016

Intelligence Report, Southern Poverty Law Center.

World news — RT International
Former visits RT offices with Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan The channel was launched as Russia Today on 10 December 2005
RT (TV network)
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