The devil all the time. The Devil All the Time by Donald Ray Pollock, Paperback

In November 2020, reported the film was the 22nd-most watched straight-to-streaming title of 2020 up to that point A series of underexposed photos show the woman in various positions with her victims
Arvin's deep need to protect his stepsister leads him to extreme violence, just as his father had taught him to do when the father beat up men who had threatened his wife While Arvin prays, however, his mind wanders and feelings of isolation bubble to the surface

A shelf ran around the room, lined with old bottles and antique kitchenware and cracked black-and-white photographs for the dust to collect on.

'The Devil All the Time' Review
Maybe more impressively, The Devil All the Time makes you care for some of the broken souls inhabiting its two map-speck towns
The Devil All The Time: 10 Most Memorable Quotes
Pollock skillfully captures the thoughts, emotions, motivations, quirks and peculiarities of the characters The Devil All the Time (9780307744869): Pollock, Donald Ray: Books
Should his innocence be reborn, and is this a happy or dark ending? The Devil All The Time is an unsettling southern gothic novel that brings together some superbly written characters across a generation
Arvin is sent to live with his grandmother, who has also taken in Helen's daughter, Lenora Eliza Scanlen , as Helen and her husband, Roy Harry Melling , have both gone missing Adapted from the novel often labeled "hillbilly gothic" by Donald Ray Pollock, who narrates the film, Devil is set in the gloomy borderlands between West Virginia and Ohio between 1957 and 1965
One memory haunts him in particular: that of a soldier he comes across who has been skinned and crucified He can find a girl and settle down without the trauma that manifested itself as the Devil in his papa

In the three years he'd served in the army, he hadn't met a single swabby who could hold his liquor.

The Devil All The Time: 10 Most Memorable Quotes
And this brings us back to the ending where Arvin soon sends the man who told him some folks are just here to be buried to an early grave
The Devil All the Time (2020)
And after he finished it, he got back on the bus without even knowing Charlotte Willoughby's name
'The Devil All the Time' Review
And without that lurid curiosity, it's just a series of Sunday School lessons: a noir that wants to scrub away the darkness