Game over man. Aliens sound clips

This was an interesting choice for the creators and I only hope they bounce back with something else Irreverent, occasionally shocking, but always fun, Netflix's wants to fill the Workaholics void left in your heart
The phrase has since been turned into quasi-slang, usually describing an event that will cause significant harm, injury, bad luck, or even death to a person Burke:"What if that ship didn't even exist? It would make sense that he just has a giant dick, and it's also funnier to have a giant dick fall out of the pants and then get punted across the room later on -- which was always the plan, that he would save the day with his dick

Rights issues prevented the actual audio from Aliens being used and the sample was a rerecording made by Paxton specifically for the game.

Game Over, Man!
Luckily, this company just had a giant hog laying around
The Secret Backstory Behind Aliens’ “Game Over, Man!”
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Game over
His obsessions include The Simpsons, Stephen King, the Scream series, and the horror genre in general
First, they just have to turn into three idiot John McClanes and save the world He has spent more time thinking about Stranger Things than the writers of Stranger Things, and he has never seen a Star War
Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson used Game Over, Man to reprise these characters albeit in a slightly deviated version for one last time on the big screen Hot Fuzz successfully balanced this blend, but Game Over, Man! I am the ultimate badass! They sent us multiple sizes, but since Stern's character is such a creep, we were like, Well, why is he always thinking about sex? And we were like, Obviously, dick cuttin' off! Private William Hudson: "That's it man, game over, man, it's game over! The part where Steve-O dies Adam Devine: Killing Steve-O is hilarious on a lot of levels for us because we grew up at a time when Steve-O was a goddamn superstar

What let the film down was the excessive plot device and one liners that don't come off.

Game Over, Man! (2018)
I think the fun turn of it is that he's not embarrassed by it
But where this movie really goes off the hinges is the side actors
Game Over, Man! (2018)
Screens that display at equivalent points are considered "Game over" screens, even if the message that is displayed is entirely different, such as "YOU ARE DEAD" seen in , , among others ; "YOU DIED" seen in the series, , and , "wasted" upon player death, "busted" upon player arrest, and "mission failed" if the player dies, is arrested, or fails an objective during a mission seen in the series , or "GOOD NIGHT" seen in , , and others