Xiaomi redmi note 9. Redmi Note 9

MIUI 11 also supports dark mode, making the system background turn black, and icons darken as well, reading mode, and night mode MIUI 11 also has per-app background activity control
The bottom half is heavier to prevent the device from tipping over and falling The curved slippery back feels like glass, the front is made of Gorilla Glass 5, and the frame is made of plastic

The rest of the series has a slightly larger display, at 6.

Redmi Note 9
A tray accessed by dragging from the top of the screen allows users to view notifications received from other apps
Redmi Note 9
It contains for commonly used functions
Redmi Note 9
MIUI 11 also has their own gallery, music, video player, and document viewer
In addition to the 6 The app drawer can be customized, such as sorting different apps into categories, and the colour of the background
They criticized the mediocre display, the performance, the overall camera quality, the lack of 4K recording, the slow UI, and the charging speed MIUI 11 has a minimalistic design and some elements of the original Android, such as the toggle switches in the notification tray, and the app drawer in some markets

The curved back with a gloss finish and the front is made of Gorilla Glass 5, and the frame is made of plastic.

Redmi Note 9
The series uses 11, except for the POCO M2 Pro, which uses MIUI 11 for POCO
Redmi Note 9
MIUI 11 has split-screen capability accessible through pressing and holding an application in the task switcher
Redmi Note 9
The bezels are small, however, the phone does wobble because of a camera bump raising the phone