The crown season 4. 'The Crown' sets fire to Princess Diana's fairy tale in new Season 4 trailer

But this time around, the undercurrents surface in a way that is timely, incisive, and, ultimately, more pointed and hopeful: If England can survive 11 years of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister, the United States will survive four of President Donald J Liz Kocan is a pop culture writer living in Brooklyn
Starting with their 1983 tour of Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea, The Crown shows the major beats: Diana bringing baby William along, Charles' disgust at her failure to climb Ayers Rock Uluru , dancing at the Sheraton Wentworth Hotel, Charles' anger at Diana making faces behind his back as he gave a speech, and the massive crowds turning out that caused Charles to seethe with jealousy at Diana's skyrocketing popularity eclipsing his, especially since the tour was meant to be his coming out party as the future king Once Diana and Charles were engaged in February 1981, Charles was away frequently

But in terms of , here's what was fact and what was drama in The Crown season 4.

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How much do we know about that? The Queen is for the sanctions
Did that really happen? We fact
Early in the season, ahead of the royal wedding, Diana and Camilla played by Emerald Fennell meet up to have a chat, on Prince Charles' suggestion
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The show opts to depict this moment as Diana discovering a drawing of the piece of jewelry rather than the bracelet itself
Back in the UK, the press claims that the Queen is "dismayed" with the prime minister's actions Prince Philip, who has always had a soft spot for Diana ever since they triumphantly hunted that wounded stag so many episodes ago, goes to check on her
Much to her consternation, he leaves before telling her who it is However, by the end of the month Bettany was forced to drop out due to the time commitment required

Princes William and Harry might come into the picture making their first appearances within the series, albeit as infants.

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The most successful of these tests comes when Philip wakes her up at the crack of dawn to go on a stalking trip to catch the injured stag
'The Crown' sets fire to Princess Diana's fairy tale in new Season 4 trailer
The back and forth statement The pair continue to bicker, but the Queen asks Thatcher to sign the statement for sanctions
Did that really happen? We fact
The season opens in 1979 and while we see the queen in all of her regal pomp and circumstance during the Trooping the Colour, England itself is in turmoil
Before they head off, the queen invites them to come and see her so she can remind them of the importance of this tour and warn against any slipups Thatcher is moved, and the pinning of the medal conveys a mutual respect between the woman, despite their differing opinions through the years
After the therapist inadvertently mentions her deceased maternal first cousins , Margaret learns that they are still alive and, along with three other cousins, in a mental institution Their parents, the older brother and sister-in-law of the queen Mother, did so because at that time children with disabilities were thought to bring shame upon the family

In one last desperate ditch effort to be heard, Diana launches herself at the queen and hugs her, begging Her Royal Highness not to push her away.

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Before he is forcibly removed, the queen tells Fagan she will bear in mind everything he has told her
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At an official reception, Hawke tells Charles that Diana has saved the monarchy in Australia
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Through all the turbulence of the following years, Charles and Camilla did not resume their affair until mid-1986