Virgin river. Virgin River: Lynda Boyd Explains Tragic Season 3 Storyline

Hope shows Lizzie to the bar Here's your chance to get to know the "Virgin River" cast better and find out where you might have seen them before
After being pushed to tell the truth, Ricky confesses to Mel that everyone is staring at her because they are either Team Mel or Team Charmaine; gossip is going around that Mel slept with Jack just to steal him away from Charmaine Doc asks Mel to help with Charmaine's treatment as she may have a high-risk pregnancy

Back in Virgin River, Jack is doing his best to take care of a pregnant Charmaine, while Hope and Doc are secretly seeing each other again.

Virgin River, Utah
Mel continues to hear more unpleasantness from Stacey and visits Charmaine to give her some blood test results
Virgin River: Lynda Boyd Explains Tragic Season 3 Storyline
Mel treats a young pregnant lady at the practice suffering with Braxton Hicks
Virgin River season 3 release date, synopsis, cast, and more
Excuse us for waxing poetic—but comes out on July 9 , has some of the most gorgeous scenery we've seen on TV
The landscape is typical of high-elevation desert—dense tree stands on the slopes and thick riparian vegetation thriving in the canyon's steep-walled shade Per Vancouver's tourism website—which has an entire page —"Snug Cove anchors the show as the fictional town of Virgin River, with establishing shots including the local library, main streets and Artisan Lane
The geology of the Virgin River and its tributaries offers world-class opportunities for canyoneering, rock climbing, hiking and wilderness experiences Feel free to watch a virtual tour of the space below and drool over the interior with me

Tara shares with Mel and Jack that someone set up an anonymous trust for her and Chloe.

‘Virgin River’ Season 3 Finale: [Spoiler] Pregnant — Who’s The Father?
Lilly comes to Doc's house at night to tell him that Hope is on the phone
Virgin River Hotel and Casino in Mesquite, NV Virgin River
The series was also filmed on location in , , , , and , British Columbia
Where Is 'Virgin River' Filmed?
Tucson, Arizona: The Falconer Publishing Company